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About Literature / Professional Darren BrownMale/Australia Groups :icongodsquod: GodSquod
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BlacknBlue Crowd Fun'D Crowd Support
Black&Blue - Crowd Fun'D Crowd Support.
'A Beneficial Community' 'In Portal' and direct Benefitin' System. Crowd Fun'D Crowd Support.
#publishing #support #services #software #community
Launching of;
A Beneficial Community with Direct Benefits Exchange, Enlightened & Inspirational, Highly Interactive whilst Evolving.
Stand Alone, Ever Update Enabled
Ever Update Enabled platform of Print, Digital, Product and Service updates that keep your stand alone,  truly standing alone. 
Art Lovers and those who love the story behind the Art will love this business. Our target
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Humbling to the hum :BLING:
Humbling to the hum BLING
Proverbs 11 KJV
2 When pride cometh, then cometh shame:
but with the lowly is wisdom...
Humbling to the hum BLING
We over-extend ourselves in our perception
of self, then feel the shame of not meeting
the expectations of our thoughts or fantasy.
Remaining lowly and conservative in attitude
of self, we are but a part in the sum of such
a magnitude and awe that we only grasp the
smallest bits of an ever onward stream of
life and light.
Fear and our inflated self perceptions,
cause us to go against the grain, for
the whole is always greater than the sum
of the parts and also emergent and active.
We are so small and low: and the apotheosis
imaginings of our own self interests, cloud
our abilities to spiritually extend ourselves
into the stream of light that is in the
end the apogee of all that is.
We can in a way bounce ourselves into
eternity, by remaining lowly and contrite.
Humbling ourselves before God and the expan
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Acedia Allover Earth...
Acedia All Over Earth...
For sure as the meek do seek; and as so many by the wayside
Of Acedia I do now speak, and to which I shall never Abide.
For the levels are so astounding as the sorrows of the world
And so many worketh death with the theme of war unfurled.
Negligence in action; bound to the depression and the giving in,
Temptation here from ourselves, own inward expressions sowing sin.
Our apathy the bed of our thoughts as we lullaby our own suicides
The vice that stalls the progress as our own deliverance now hides.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Acedia (also accidie or accedie, from Latin acidĭa, and this from Greek ἀκηδία, negligence) describes a state of listlessness or torpor, of not caring or not being concerned with one's position or condition in the world. It can lead to a state of being unable to perform one's duties in life. Its spiritual overtones make it related to but distinct from depression.[1] Acedia was origi
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Try to be the same person no matter who you are with.
This will help in knowing yourself and others. DRB
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Xlight by Automutt Xlight :iconautomutt:Automutt 14 8
Sons of Light to Rise...
Sons of Light to Rise...
There now be Sons of Light amid the many Sons of Darkness
A shining to be seen in their souls and even in their shadows
A rising in their hearts that causes them to fly whilst still heavy
To push against the dark; removing thunder from the storms
They walk in Light, the succour of enlightenment their surety,
To uncover and to assuage the darkness of our many histories.
To burn within with the intensity that makes their motion light
And an un-denied freedom from the shadows of the dark reveal
The Sons of Light to push against the many secrets of the universe
Bringing the warmth of fires to the coldness of the deepest caves
An opposite to the extremes of shadows and the darkness cast
While the daughters of these fires never flinch from the light he brings.
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The feature of the Dragon is voice, speech, oratory.... The feature of our Spirit is also that of speech, the word
and the essence of our communication.

ما شاء الله In šāʾ Allāh (إن شاء الله)
"If it is God's will", then shall it be done. Deo volente, Under the Sun...

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Darren Brown
Artist | Professional | Literature
The character above means "Virtue" may I have some always..

Male, West Australian, Writer, Believer and Sinner.

Launching of;

Black&Blue - Crowd Fun'D Crowd Support.

'A Beneficial Community' 'In Portal' and direct Benefitin' System. Crowd Fun'D Crowd Support.

A Beneficial Community with Direct Benefits Exchange, Enlightened & Inspirational, Highly Interactive whilst Evolving.? Stand Alone, Ever Update Enabled

Ever Update Enabled platform of Print, Digital, Product and Service updates that keep your stand alone,  truly standing alone. ?

Art Lovers and those who love the story behind the Art will love this business. Our target customers and clients will vary, as the services that will be on offer will be many and varied. From art and literature repository to printed books and software applications. Ever-Update Enabled, Our apps, and even the printed books will be able to be updated continually to include the latest and or favourite pieces, also the recovery of damaged works. Our artists will be sourced from hospitals of all kinds, old age homes and nursing homes, veterans homes and associations, the disabled and also the able-bodied and schools and other associations. 

The suffering of our lives often drives many to create deep and meaningful art or literature, but more than often these are discarded or lost to us all and our families and friends. We intend on having many services or the links to said services for our artists and contributors, as well, Mentors, Patrons, Readers, Viewers and Buyers of Art and Literature. We also intend on having Supportive Services for our clients, customers and artists, as well as direct connections between Artists and their followers, if they so choose. And access to many support and service structures that may make the community truly benefiting for all.

The lack of support and expression for the sick, the elderly, veterans and the young, as well as services and a sense of community, can be as debilitating as the sickness or soreness they suffer. The art that is being lost or destroyed is also of concern to me. With Black&Blue, We intend to help massively the aforementioned as well their families and loved ones, and also others who like art and literature or are interested in the many other aspects of the plan.

'A Beneficial Community' 'In Portal' and direct 'Benefitin' System and Exchange. 

Crowd Fun'D Crowd Support.

Learning from the suffering of others before us has been the bread that built the best and brightest. A place for the benefit of such is underway. Be a part of; or submit, staff, ideas, services, products, art, literature, mixed media, or information to Black and Blue today. 

The building of a place to learn from, share and benefit the most vulnerable people has always happened in history in our towns, cities and nations. Culminating in some of our histories highest advances.

Our histories, the sick, elderly, youngest and most disadvantaged can be the light bearers of many lives. And often always have been. 

'InPortal' Access both online and off,  'InCloud', 'InPrint', 'InProgram' Software and Services, Products. Patrons, Mentors, Readers, Viewers, Watchers and the 'InCrowd' all in platform publication. 

With direct 'Benefitin' systems and also a needs based procurement service, we intend to try and make this business a blessing to all involved.

Many of the sick and disabled or elderly are marginalised and often lacking connections and support structures that would be of benefit to them in recovery or throughout their journey. Our business looks at reaching out to the most vulnerable and the disabled and elderly as well the many other people that would benefit from the community aspects and financial help that this business could provide.

There are many art and literature repositories and sites online but we intend to be a community and publisher and 'CrowdFunD' support services to many. We intend on paying for the art that we buy from our clients / contributors and linking them through our portal to services and professionals that they may need for their treatment or quality of life. We also intend on opening up the site to Patrons, mentors and the caring 'InCrowd'


The Impact

The funds and exposure and hopefully improved self-esteem of our clients after receiving money and exposure from their artwork will be of immense value to them and the artwork to others. I have read and seen many very powerful and deep and meaningful pieces whilst in a hospital myself and feel that the sharing of such art and literature is imperative.


Connection to the community and services will also benefit many.

Risks & Challenges

It may be slow going at first to procure the artwork and literature, but an online presence and marketing should help immensely

Strong faith and tenacity, and the belief that this is what I am supposed to do will help our team overcome any and all obstacles. 

Establishing a good team and having support from chosen professionals and companies will also help immensely.

I watched a documentary on unattended deaths, where people die alone and are not found for months or years, one, in particular, had an immense literature collection that she never shared in her lifetime and I feel this was sad and a horrible way to die, this example just spurs me on more. 


I am a disability pensioner, in and out of hospitals for some time, but doing really well now. I have read and viewed some amazing artworks and had some deep and meaningful discussions and interactions with others who have also found themselves suffering or dealing with a loved one who is. The sharing aspects of others points of view and creativity have proven to be healing for me and others I have known.


Being an Artist and Writer myself, with over 20 years of writing and creativity, both online and off, plus having a love of art and literature myself, I have seen the need for the collection and sharing of such art, creativity and depth and realism that is often lost or discarded.


Overcoming a life filled with much sadness, grief, and sickness, to still remain happy and hopeful, filled with faith, and seeing the good and true, despite the darkness. Wanting to share and help others, I know the benefits of community and expression.


With my 20+ plus years online as an artist and writer, utilising some of the oldest and newest technologies, and being a member of many sites and forums, I have a wealth of knowledge of where to find clients for many aspects of the Portal and Community that will make this plan a success. With Services and Exchange initiatives and many other evolving and emergent aspects to create much traction going forward.


Worldwide. Online, InPrint, InPortal, InApp, and EverUpdate Enabled Stand Alone versions being maintained. The Services and directBenefitin' Exchange also will deliver much growth in the longer term.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean they can't help:

Please help to get the word out and make some noise about this campaign. Share with your friends and family, or online connections.


The world has experienced an explosion of openness. From individual artists opening their creations for input from others, to governments requiring publicly funded works be available to the public, both the spirit and practice of sharing is gaining momentum and producing results.

Creative Commons began providing licenses for the open sharing of content only a decade ago. Now more than 400 million CC-licensed works are available on the Internet, from music and photos, to research findings and entire college courses. Creative Commons created the legal and technical infrastructure that allows effective sharing of knowledge, art and data by individuals, organizations and governments. More importantly, millions of creators took advantage of that infrastructure to share work that enriches the global commons for all humanity.

The Power of Open collects the stories of those creators. Some are like ProPublica, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative news organization that uses CC while partnering with the world’s largest media companies. Others like nomadic filmmaker Vincent Moon use CC licensing as an essential element of a lifestyle of openness in pursuit of creativity. The breadth of uses is as great as the creativity of the individuals and organizations choosing to open their content, art and ideas to the rest of the world.

As we look ahead, the field of openness is approaching a critical mass of adoption that could result in sharing becoming a default standard for the many works that were previously made available only under the all-rights-reserved framework. Even more exciting is the potential increase in global welfare from the use of Creative Commons’ tools and the increasing relevance of openness to the discourse of culture, education and innovation policy.

We hope that The Power of Open inspires you to examine and embrace the practice of open licensing so that your contributions to the global intellectual commons can provide their greatest benefit to all people.

Except where otherwise noted, content in The Power of Open is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Contact us about The Power of Open at 


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Proverbs 15 A Gentle Answer Turns Away Wrath
1 A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.…
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